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Born on Long Island, Gordon Bahary started composing songs at age ten. By the age of 15, he was asked by legendary Stevie Wonder to create some of the most unforgettable sounds at the height of Wonder’s career in the 70’s, during the making of the landmark LP “Songs in the Key of Life”. Wonder and Bahary collaborated closely on his follow-up album “Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants”, making history with synthesizers and engineering feats. A few short years later, Gordon was hired as key Producer/Engineer for Stevie Wonder’s label Wondirectionunder Motown. Gordon has worked closely with other artists, helping them create their classic sound. These include Herbie Hancock, Ramsey Lewis, Intro, Raven Symone, MC Lyte, Twilight 22 (Gordon produced/engineered/composed the blockbuster hits “Electric Kingdom” and “Siberian Nights”). Other work includes labels such as Atlantic Records, Elektra, SONY, Vanguard, BMG, iconic film director Francis Ford Coppola, and hundreds of other artists and bands in a span of 40 years, helping create and realize their sound.

Gordon created technology enabling artists to achieve the highest possible sound quality, including collaborating with the creators of the Arp Synthesizer, such as the touch a custom-designed Touch Sensitive keyboard – the first of its kind – and other innovations in sound. This enabled Stevie Wonder to add expression with his touch on a keyboard, to harmonica and other instruments.

By today, Gordon’s engineering, mastering, producing, and hit songs have contributed to over 35 million copies sold and multiple Grammy Awards. Understanding the artist’s vision is Gordon’s number one priority. His experience in all aspects of the music industry will help you to realize the full potential of your album, and take your audio to the next level.

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